About me

About me

Hi! I’m Kieran Bond

Hi there! I’m Kieran and I am the one-man-band behind Katchee Gifts. I started Katchee during the first lockdown in May 2020. At first I sold just stickers and have since expanded to sell greetings’ cards, badges, sticker sheets and prints, all designed and handmade by me. I sell mainly online through both this website and on marketplaces such as Etsy and Thortful, but from 2022 you will see me at various events across the UK, including pride events such as Salford Pride Pink Picnic, Leicester Pride and Birmingham Pride.

With the support of the Prince’s Trust and my mentor, Roger, I have been able to grow my little business massively since 2020 and I plan to expand further over the next couple of years!

If you would like to follow my journey, feel free to follow me on social media and sign up to my Newsletter, RainbowMail to hear about new products and updates on the business along the way!

Stay fabulous

Kieran x